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Friday, August 24, 2012

Delinquency Preview Party

The Deal: Whiskey & Vodka Open Bar all night
The Place: Delinquency
The Price: $10 (suggested)
The Details: New space on Grand Street throwing another preview party, this time with Ghost Beach, Tiny Victories, Neighbors and Starlight Girls.
Ghost Beach, Tiny Victories, Neighbors, Starlight Girls @ Delinquency
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/347694221972067/
Breathalyzer Score: .17

Lazerpop VI

The Deal: Reyka Open Bar 12:30-1am
The Place: Glasslands
The Price: $5-$10
The Details: Glasslands party with Goldroom, Body Language and Aimes. They have lazers and fog machines and other bullshit like that. Too bad the open bar is only 30 minutes.
LAZERPOP VI: Goldroom, Body Language (DJ Set), AIMES (DJ Set)
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/380721395320815/
Breathalyzer Score: .08

Scandinavian Summer Party

The Deal: Open Bar, I think
The Place: Ivana Helsinki Store
The Price: FREE
The Details: Some sort of in-store / magazine party. I don't know that there's booze but that's what I hear so proceed with caution.
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/theswedebeat
Breathalyzer Score: .09

Lunch Break

The Deal: Absolut Open Bar 1-2pm
The Place: Le Bain
The Price: FREE, must RSVP
The Details: Peanut Butter Wolf is spinning this week's Lunch Break at Le Bain. Eat food and get hammered.
Breathalyzer Score: .11

Get Wavy III

The Deal: $10 Open Bar
The Place: Maloof Skatepark
The Price: FREE
The Details: I don't know who these people are but it's a booze fest at a skatepark with DJs and shit. Sounds pretty rad. It's way out in Corona but you need a little adventure in your life. $10 gets you booze all night.
The Source: http://www.facebook.com/events/330683287026466/
Breathalyzer Score:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Made In Iran

The Deal: Free Brooklyn Gin and Bomb Lager 6-9pm
The Place: Openhouse Gallery
The Price: FREE
The Details: The Yellow Dogs are playing this opening party. It's sponsored by Brooklyn Gin and Bomb Lager so that means free booze.
MADE IN IRAN:  ICY & SOT (1st) NYC Street Art/Stencil Exhibition
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/242664295854408/
Breathalyzer Score:


The Deal: Open Bar 10-11pm
The Place: Hudson Terrace
The Price: FREE until 12 w/ RSVP
The Details: So you think you're not good looking enough or rich enough or well dressed for Hudson Terrace? Well, you're totally right about that. Luckily for you the douche from Vampire Weekend is DJing and if they'll let that tool into this joint you should be just fine.
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/271505259616028/
Breathalyzer Score:

Budweiser Made In NY Party

The Deal: Free Budweiser, we assume.
The Place: Roseland Ballroom
The Price: FREE, must RSVP
The Details: The list is full for this one so unless you plan on blowing Adolphus Busch you ain't getting in. Big Gigantic is playing just so you know what you're missing out on.
Budweiser Made In NY Party
The Source: http://www.myfreeconcert.com/events/budweiser-made-in-ny-party
Breathalyzer Score:

Unstoppable Death Machines Release Party

The Deal: $3 beer
The Place: Shea Stadium
The Price: $8
The Details: Unstoppable Death Machines, Japanther and other hip, underground Brooklyn bands play in the So So Glos living room.
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/334147206677349/
Breathalyzer Score:

Jasmine Solano Release Party

The Deal: PBR Open Bar 10-11pm
The Place: Santos Party House
The Price: FREE
The Details: Jasmine Solano celebrates her release with Neil Armstrong, WCKids and Nina Sky.
Jasmine Solano’s EP Release Celebration ft. Numerous Performers
The Source: http://www.myfreeconcert.com/events/jasmine-solanos-ep-release-celebration-ft.-numerous-performers
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St. Jerome Thursday

The Deal: $2 Bud 9-midnight
The Place: St. Jerome's
The Price: FREE
The Details: Punk, hard rock, garage and glam all night. St. Jerome's is the last decent bar in NYC so enjoy it while it lasts.
The Source: Submitted
Breathalyzer Score: .11

Generation Wild

The Deal: $5 Shot+Beer Combo
The Place: Hotel Chantelle
The Price: FREE
The Details: Sleazy rock n' roll party with Samuel Valentine and Steve Lewis on the decks. Steve Lewis is a nightlife legend so chat him up and learn a thing or two.
"GENERATION WILD" Thursday Rock Party, this will be wild as hell!!!
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/353335588076086/
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Go Deep

The Deal: Open Bar 11-12
The Place: Stay
The Price: FREE
The Details: Party at the "secret lower level" of Stay. The link to the page is below but it's invite only so you probably can't see it.
GO Deep #5 W The Brick Bandits - Nadus , Ezrakh and DJ Reck
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/324862014270841/
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mating Season

The Deal: Vodka Open Bar 10-11pm
The Place: Sway Lounge
The Price: $2 w/ mask, $10 w/o
The Details: Naked broads wearing animal masks and grinding their asses on each other. Roofeeo from TV On The Radio is DJing or something like that.
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/377290699008478/
Breathalyzer Score:

CMJ Announcement Party

The Deal: Open Bar 6-9pm
The Place: Mercury Lounge
The Price: FREE, must RSVP
The Details: CMJ is throwing a party with Tanlines and Sinkane.
The Source: Submitted
Breathalyzer Score:

The Serve

The Deal: Free Heineken 7-10pm
The Place: PHD at Dream Downtown
The Price: FREE, must RSVP
The Details: Heineken is throwing a US Open party. If you like tennis and horrible, horrible beer then this one is for you.
The Serve ft. free Heineken
The Source: http://www.myfreeconcert.com/events/the-serve-ft.-free-heineken
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Disco Down

The Deal: Open Bar 8-9pm & 11-12am
The Place: Happy Ending
The Price: FREE
The Details: I think this parties been going non-stop since this joint was a speakeasy during prohibition. I hear Lucky Luciano and Babe Ruth used to come by to dance with dames to the sweet sounds of Blondie. History is cool.
Disco Down
The Source: http://www.myfreeconcert.com/events/disco-down
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Funked Dub

The Deal: 2-4-1 drinks 8-11pm
The Place: The Delancey
The Price: Free b4 10pm, $5 after
The Details: A bunch of DJs playing dance music.
This eve FUNKED DUB NYC Drum & Bass House n Dub Sundays
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/459475007408071/
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The Deal: $5 Beer+shot combo
The Place: Trophy Bar
The Price: FREE
The Details: Disco dance party that gets started in the early evening. With Whitney Fierce from Hercules & Love Affair.
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/268720469909753/
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Wild Yaks

The Deal: Cheapish beer ($3 or $4)
The Place: Ripper's
The Price: FREE
The Details: Wild Yaks and some other bands are throwing a rager on the boardwalk in Rockaway. Good food, broads in bikinis, live music and booze. Can't beat it.
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/176312622503252/
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Tiki Disco

The Deal: Cheapish beer ($3 for cans, I think)
The Place: Roberta's
The Price: FREE
The Details: This is one of the best parties in NYC. Hang out in the yard at Roberta's, stuff your fat face with delicious pizza, get drunk and dance. It's rad. Get there early if you wanna get in without standing in line.
TIKI DISCO : Brooklyn in the Summertime
The Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/407902372606556/
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