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Booze Party is your guide to getting smashed on the cheap in NYC. Happy hours, open bars, drink specials and straight up cheap booze. Updated daily!

About Booze Party

Booze Party is your go-to guide for getting trashed and having fun. Sure there's tons of totally douchetastic happy hour guides and dumb shit like that but Booze Party only lists fun shit. Cool? Good. Now get out there and scar up that goddamn liver of yours.

***NOTE: Booze Party is updated daily with new events. Booze Party only lists events happening THAT DAY, which means no advance listings. Sorry, chief.

Events: Want Booze Party to throw your next bash? We have connections to promoters, DJs, gogos, bands, booking agents, venues, booze companies and anything else needed to throw a killer party. Let us know what you're looking for and what kind budget you have and maybe we can make something happen.

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