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Monday, May 17, 2010

Nothing To Do

It's a pretty dull day in Booze Town so instead of listing some shitty karaoke event with free wine spritzers for 30 minutes I'm just going to share a few good deals around town.
  • Rosemary's (188 Bedford Ave) & The Turkey's Nest (94 Bedford Ave): Go to either of these old school Williamsburg joints at any time and order a "Big Bud" (or Bud Lite...pussy) for $4 and you get a 32 OZ foam cup full of beer. Despite the recent price increase (used to be $3.50) it's still an amazing deal. If you're at The Nest you can ask for a "to-go cup," which is just the same foam cup with a lid on it that you can leave with and drink in McCarren Park.
  • The Levee (212 Berry St.): The legendary Sportsman is where it's at! For $4 you get a can of Black Label beer and a shot of Evan Williams whiskey. There are also $5 combos with slightly better beer & shots but what do you need that for fancy pants?
  • Cooper 35 (35 Cooper Sq.): Almost everyday (except Saturday, I think) they have an insane happy hour until 7PM which includes $3 massive mixed drinks - including classics like Martinis and Margaritas. Plus you get to hang outside while you imbibe. After happy hour prices return to normal...a whole $1 extra. Yup, $4 mized drinks all the time and $4 beers, including Guinness!

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