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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Honorable Mentions

We don't know exactly what the booze prices will be at these parties but it should be pretty cheap. They're all rad parties anyway so worst case scenario you get drunk at home and bring a flask along, which you were probably going to do anyway.

  • Soul Clap & Dance Off @ Glasslands (289 Kent, Brooklyn): It's $5 to get in but I think they have at least one $3 beer but it's been awhile since I've been to Glasslands. 
  • Chain & The Gang @ Secret Project Robot Basement (210 Kent, Brooklyn): Another Jonathan Toubin party and it should be good. SPR is a DIY venue so there's almost definitely cheap drinks. $10 cover
  • Nu Feelings @ House Of Yes (342 Maujer, Brooklyn): $10 cover. DIY venue all the way but not sure about drinks here. Parties here are always crazy as shit though so it's probably worth it.
  • Monster Party 2 @ Warehouse In Greenpoint (100 Sutton, Brooklyn): The cover is $15, which sucks but the party sounds totally awesome. It's another DIY spot so again, probably cheap ass booze but who knows. 
  • Electro Warehouse 2 @ Semi-Legit (6 Charles Place, Brooklyn): $8-$12 cover. Alex English, Distroy Allorchs and more partying in some random warehouse space. Again, booze prices are a mystery.

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