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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Booze News

  • 20 Percent of Central New York Adults Binge Drink (Syracuse.com): That's it? You need to step it up Central New York, pussies. You live in the woods, what the hell else is there to do out there?
  • Mom Gave Baby Sitter & Teen Booze & Pot (chron.com): Some broad in Connecticut gave her 20-year old baby sitter and a 14-year old booze and reefer. Then the 20-year old "sexually assaulted" the 14-year old. When I was 14 I would have killed to be in this kids shoes. Free pot, booze and a hummer from a 20-year old? That sounds fantastic. 
  • Looking For Revenue? Tax Booze (HuffingtonPost.com): Basically they're thinking about changing the way booze is taxed and it would mean the price of booze would go WAY fucking up. Fuck these people. All of this is prompted by the debt issues across the nation. Look, I wanna get drunk on the cheap and Buffett wants you to tax his rich ass. So leave my booze alone. Dicks.
  • Brooklyn Bodega Owners Caught Selling Booze To Minors (NYDailyNews.com): Let me tell you something - the city sends kids into bars and delis with flawless fake IDs that can only be detected by scanners. So this is bullshit. I'm sure there are plenty of shady bodegas selling kids beer but these busts are garbage.

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