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Friday, September 17, 2010

Loft, House, DIY & Roof Parties (5 Of Them)

I've decided to skip the individual posts for these parties because I don't know the specific details in regards to booze for any of them. They're all DIY house party type of events that promise "cheap drinks" but that could be anything. Most likely though it means $2-3 beer and $3-5 wells. ALL parties are in Brooklyn.

  • Good Friends Electric (255 McKibbin St, Apt 10.), $3-5 cover: Party bands (Jangula, Rabbit Troupe & Life size Maps) playing a lot. BYOB cool? Maybe.
  • Lady Bree Presents (929 Broadway, Party Expo), $7 cover: Another show but this is at a proper DIY space. Caterpillars, Try Cry Try, Food Stamps & more. BYOB cool? Nope, "cheap drinks all night"
  • Another DIY Show (32D S. 1st St.), $10 cover: Light Asylum, Warm Ghost & more are playing this one. The $10 cover is steep but it's totally BYOB so overall it might make for the cheapest option. BYOB coo? Yeah, I just fucking said that. Pay attention.
  • Birthday Bash Loft Party (76 Rutledge St.), $5 cover: Fan-Tan, Dynasty Electric & a couple others are playing this one right in the heart of Hasidic Williamsburg. Don't worry, it's Friday night so they can't call the cops...or use any electronic devices. BYOB cool? Maybe, people bring shit to these parties and generally it's cool but they do have a bar so maybe buy a couple drinks even if you BYOB.
  • Let's Play House (Secret Location), $10 cover: Well, aren't we cool with our secret location party? You have to RSVP to get the address (RSVP@LPHNYC.com). No details aside from this. BYOB cool? No idea, I'm not even going to try and guess.

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